Protection from Data & Identity theft.

The only way to stop fraudsters stealing information from old computer hard drives is by destroying them completely.

Freely available software can be used to recover files that users think they have permanently deleted.

Criminals source old computers from internet auction sites, garage sales or in rubbish tips, to find users' valuable details, and a number of recent cases have shown the dangers in disposing of second-hand equipment.

The Data Destruction Security Services team at S&D Computers offers numerous solutions to assist companies and individuals with proper handling of secure data disposal and hard drive recycling.

Secure Data Destruction is not something that can be accomplished by running a simple software application or formatting, smashing or opening a hard disk drive. Even drilling holes in a hard drive does not render it unrecoverable.

S&D Computers  provides assurance that sensitive data can't be misused – ever. A certificate is issued stating drive model, serial no. date of destruction and photographic evidence.

Failing to properly destroy data with discarded business, proprietary, patient, customer, credit or other sensitive information could create both legal and public relations nightmares.

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