How to recycle your old computer.

Is your poor tired old computer ready to retire?

Disposing of your old computer responsibly, is something we all need to be aware of. Computers contain, plastics, metals, chemicals and carcinogens that are hazardous to the environment and to our health.

Computer recycling can be of great benefit to both the environment and the economy. Estimates show that more than 60% of outdated electronics are been stored or incorrectly disposed of, and if they where to be recycled, the savings in resources and the enviroment would be enormous.

Reuse or Donate

We have all heard the saying"one mans trash is another mans treasure"

Donate your old but usable computer to one of the many charitable organisations that reuse old computers. In Australia organisations like Planet ark publish lists on thier website, or even give it to the kids or neighbours kids to play on. Even a 5 year old computer can be good enough for a new user to learn on.


If you cant reuse or donate send your computer to be recycled. Make sure you send to a recycling company that disposes of the components properly.You dont want the parts to be landfill or sent overseas to countries that dont dispose of them in an ecoligally friendly way.

Before sending your computer for recycling or for donation, make sure that the data on your hard drive is completely and securly removed, S&D computers will securly remove and clean your hard drive for re-use, or environmentally dispose of the hard drive after completely destroying all data.

contact S&D Computers at After disposing of your drive they will issue you a certificate verifying what method of data security was used.

Stephen Moore
Owner S&D Computers
Appila South Australia

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