Secure Data Destruction -              S&D Computers
Most companies will sell, donate, recycle or even throw away their old IT equipment. However, a recent surveyfound that they rarely check that the data has been securely eradicated before disposing of the old equipment.

Every year we all hear stories of highly sensitive information being found on second-hand computers bought cheaply. In most cases, reformatting a hard drive is not sufficient to properly wipe out all information, as data recovery services or software can recover the data.

So how can we ensure that all confidential information is securely deleted before disposing of the computers?

Physically destroying the hard drive is the best way to make sure the data is gone for good. S&D Computers will do this for and recycle the remaining debris. 

If you need to re-use your old hard drive S&D Computers uses cleaning software that is an advanced security tool for Windows which completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive and ensures data is securely erased by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Enabling safe recycling of your old hard drives.

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